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Sports & Surf Clothing

This section lists retailers that sell either sports/exercise/fitness clothing as well as more leisure/sportswear like ski jackets and surf clothing. If you're after a replica sports shirt, these are also available in this section.




JD Sports

JD Sports are the UK’s leading sports fashion retailer with a large range of men's, women's and kid's trainers, footwear, clothing and accessories - 80% of which are exclusive.



MSHargreavesUK.com the best surf, sport and lifestyle retailer and let's not forget we’re more than sports it’s lifestyles. All those big brands Quiksilver, Animal, Ripcurl, Nike, Adidas, Oakley, Nixon the list goes on and on.


MSShore offers a huge range of online surf/snow fashion and all the accessories that go with that, however we also have the re-enforcement of a massive knowledge and selection of equipment too. From a summer wetsuit to a fully inclusive surfing package.




MSKitbag - Our objective is simple - to offer the largest selection of sports and fitness merchandise, National & International replica football and rugby shirts, souvenirs and videos at competitive prices to a global audience, with high levels of customer care.


Newitts sell sportswear & equipment from Aerobics to Weightlifting. All top brands.


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